Siena Tavern-Chicago

Siena Tavern

Siena Tavern

I followed Life After Top Chef this past season and that is how I was introduced to Fabio Viviani. He seemed to cook with so much passion and finesse that I was anxious to try his food. His newest venture, Siena Tavern, was just opened a few weeks ago. When I booked the trip to attend Pinot in the City I was excited to visit this Chicago eatery. When we arrived during the lunch rush, the place was packed. We found two seats at the pizza bar in the back instead of waiting for a table. Since this is an Italian eatery, we decided to go traditional Italian (really Italian-American). We couldn’t decide between the Lasagna and the Paparadelle so we just ordered both and split them. When our wonderful server delivered the Lasagna she said that it was Fabio’s mother’s recipe. I am sorry to report that the Lasagna was pedestrian and horribly under-seasoned. The Paparedelle, although also under-seasoned, was very well executed. The pasta was obviously homemade and was cooked to perfection. The sauce still lacked flavor, but I couldn’t stop eating the Paparadelle. I’m sure they are still working on ironing all of the kinks out and I hope they live up to Fabio’s vision. All in all, I would say give them a little time to find their stride.






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