Mini Bar Demo with Chef Ruben Garcia

It almost seems like this is becoming a Jose Andres blog with so much content related to him, but what can I say the man is a genius! Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing one of the coolest foodie events in DC; a Minibar Demo. For years the elusive Minibar ( by Chef Jose Andres has been the coveted seat in town. Reservations are extremely hard to come by and a 20+ course meal doesn’t come cheap (about $300+ per person). There is however, nothing else like it in the world. Now that El Bulli is closed to the public this is as close as you can get to molecular gastronomy in its purest form. Chef Ruben Garcia, who worked at El Bulli under Chef Adria Ferran, is now passing on the incredibly magical techniques that started a movement.

I asked Chef Garcia what it’s like to work for Jose Andres. Check out the video.

On to the event of the evening…Our demo was a seven course extravaganza! He demostrated the techniques of spherification, creating air, smoking and espuma’s or foams. As he showed us the different techniques it was just like being back in chemistry class. The creativity involved in each of the dishes made each one whimsical and fun. The class seemed completely mesmerized at times and we definitely learned some great party tricks. I headed home that night with a completely new understanding of the power of creativity in relation to food and drink. I can’t wait to have friends over and wow them with Chef’s Ferran, Andres, and Garcia’s teachings.

Mozzarella Spherification-These spheres explode in your mouth!

Mozzarella Spherification-These spheres explode in your mouth!

Crispy Parmesan Leaves

Crispy Parmesan Leaves

Uber fresh and tasty gazpacho.

Uber fresh and tasty gazpacho.

minibar by Jose Andres on Urbanspoon

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    Lovely website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

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