Jaleo 2.0

There are not many places that I would normally be able to justify blogging about multiple times, but Jaleo (www.jaleo.com) is one of them. Ever since my initial Jaleo post, my BFF Stacey has been wanting to visit again. She totally hooked us up by Facebooking our blog to all of her friends. We had so many views it was awesome! In light of our fame amongst her Facebook friends, I offered to take her to dinner at (you guessed it) Jaleo.
We began the evening at the bar to enjoy a couple of cocktails: I had the “Hometown Hero” and she

Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero

opted for a concoction called “Barrel Aged.” Stacey hates Gin, but the bartender was so cute he was able to convince her to try it. The Hometown Hero contained Mezcal, Cocchi Americano, grapefruit, and cinnamon. The orange peel garnish was a nice touch. The drink was really refreshing and the citrus flavors were wonderful. The mezcal had a deliciously smoky flavor which added another layer of flavor to the drink.



From there it was on to the small plates (tapas). When speaking about Jaleo to others I have frequently referred to the Flamenquines (traditional pork meat filled with ibérico ham and cheese, breaded and deep fried) as the nectar of the gods. This was, of course, until I took a bite of Staceys Lomo De Buey Con Valdeón (grilled hanger steak with mustard

Lomo De Buey Con Valdeón

Lomo De Buey Con Valdeón

sauce and valdeón blue cheese). I’m not a fan of mustard or bleu cheese but the combination of flavors and the texture of the dish were FANTASTIC!! The hanger steak melted in your mouth and the sharp cheese and little mustard seeds worked so well together. This dish is a must have! We also tried the Pan De Recapte Con Anchoa

Pan De Recapte Con Anchoa

Pan De Recapte Con Anchoa

(traditional catalan toasted bread with peppers, tomatoes and don bocarte salt-cured spanish anchovies). I had never eaten a whole anchovy before and I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be and it added just the right amount of salt to the flatbread. Another incredible dinner at Jaleo!
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  1. James Roger Wilkinson says :

    Deb is an incredible chef, artist, mother and journalist…I admire and respect her works very very much……James Wilkinson

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