Homemade Sushi!

Homemade Sushi!

This is a time-consuming, but very fun, recipe to make!  We only use “sushi grade” fish from the frozen section at the supermarket.  We bought our sushi salmon and sushi tuna at Whole Foods in a fish freezer.

Defrost the fish but keep it cold (defrost in a water bath or in the refrigerator), and plan to eat the defrosted fish within six hours of defrosting for best flavor.

Rinse the rice in cold water and then cook sushi rice according to directions ahead of time so it has time to cool down.  To add flavor, use seasoned rice vinegar (or you can make your own using regular rice vinegar, salt and sugar).

Prepare your assembly line:  Cut fish into strips and put into a bowl. Cut other veggies into strips. Try avocado, cooked sweet potato, asparagus, cucumber, etc. and put into a bowl. Have a bottle of sesame seeds ready to sprinkle on the fillings if desired. You will need seaweed sushi sheets and a bamboo sushi rolling mat (you can get them from many supermarkets or on Amazon).

Put your bamboo sushi rolling mat on a paper towel, place a sushi sheet on the mat, and spread a very thin layer of seasoned rice on the sheet.  Next, use your imagination to come up with a variety of combinations of fish and vegetables.  For extra flavor, try Asian rice seasonings, spicy ailoi, sliced scallion, or toast the sesame seeds for a richer flavor.

Roll mat tightly and then slice roll with a moistened, sharp knife.

Serve with picked ginger, wasabi, and reduced sodium soy sauce.  Yum!

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