Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle have always been integrated into my life. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been interested in the science of nutrition and what happens in our bodies after food consumption. What fascinates me about all of this is that specific foods have specific nutrients designed to keep us alive and healthy. I’ve learned throughout the years that there are so many creative ways to incorporate the different nutritious foods into our daily lives. Why not make it fun!? Our main aim of this food blog is to inspire others to incorporate nutritious foods into their everyday lives. Enjoy!


My daughter Ella came up with the idea to create a website after making our last smoothie together (we overdid it with the spinach in that one so we won’t be adding the recipe to this site). My name is Lyn Schwartz and I’m a Registered Dietitian. I’m a professor of nutrition and wellness at UMass Dartmouth and the proud mother of boy/girl twins. I aim for balance in life and in food choices. Ella and I love kale and nut butters, but we are also foodies who love homemade fried pickles! In our world, food is meant to be enjoyed, used as fuel for tennis – which we both play competitively – and keep our immune systems healthy. We hope we can teach you a few recipes while sharing our views on food in our kitchen and in the community.

Thanks for visiting our website!

9 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  • These recipes are so creative! We love to eat healthy and fuel our bodies with the best nutrition here at our house. It doesn’t have to be boring! There’s so much content out there, these recipes are so quick and easy, not intimidating, and best of all, fun to eat! We love the taco recipe! Keep crushing it!

  • These recipes are awesome! Some of my favorite dishes done in a healthy and delicious way. So helpful to see the pictures along with the recipes. Can’t wait to try the Bi bim bop!

  • These recipes are awesome! I love how healthy foods can be made into such delicious dishes. My favorite is the Bibimbop. Cant wait to make it at home!

  • Homemade sushi with the kids is the best. It’s the perfect healthy and crave-worthy after school snack in our house. Sushi can be filled with any ingredients you choose our fave is smoked salmon. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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